Sorghum Forage Quality and Sugarcane Aphid Damage

Dr. Brent Bean, Director of Agronomy, United Sorghum Checkoff Program recently distributed information from 2016 research on quality of sorghum stover with sugarcane aphid damage.  Texas AgriLife Entomologists Pat Porter, Blayne Reed and Katelyn Kowles were able to conduct trials to examine the quality of sorghum stover that had suffered different levels of injury from the sugarcane aphid.  However, the drop in quality was not as much as

TDN and SCA Damage

expected, and the overall quality remained good.  Dr. Ted McCollum, Texas AgriLife beef cattle nutritionist, said that forage with a TDN value of 60 or greater is more than adequate for beef cows in late gestation and early lactation. For stocker cattle, Dr. McCollum indicated that a TDN value of 60 will project to a daily gain of about 1.4 lb/day gain while a 67 percent TDN will project over 2 lb/day gain. He also stated that protein supplement is necessary when grazing sorghum stover regardless of any sugarcane aphid damage.

For further information:  or   contact Brent Bean at United Sorghum Checkoff.

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