Forage Value of Grain Sorghum Stover

2014 Dryland Grain Sorghum Variety Trial

OSU Southwest Research and Extension Center

Gary Strickland, Jackson County CED, Jackson and Greer Counties Agriculture Educator and SWREC Dry-land Cropping Systems SpecialistSorghum stover








Fertility:  pH: 7.8       N: 143 lbs./A       P: Sufficient (68 Soil Test Index)       K: Sufficient (727 Soil Test Index)            (Residual amounts only, no fertilizer applied)

Herbicide: Dual Magnum  1 pt./A (Applied on 6-3-14)            Planting Rate: 4 Seed/ft.

Harvest Area: 1/1000 of an acre  (40 inch row spacing)         Harvest Date: 9-30-14

Harvest Area: 1/1000 of an acre  (40 inch row spacing)

Seed selections were made with seed companies as local area selections.  Seed companies included Dekalb, Channel Seed, Sorghum Partners, and Pioneer.  Special appreciation is expressed to the following seed distributors: Helena Seed Company and Null Seed Farms.

Seed Characteristics: Early, Medium, and Late grain maturity (GM) ratings and seed color.

Grain harvest was abandoned due to 100% bird damage.  An alternative use of the crop was measured as forage or hay utilization for cattle.  Both yield and nutritional data were collected.  (CP=Crude Protein; ADF=Acid Detergent Fiber; TDN=Total Digestible Nutrients)

Study Directors:  Dr. Randy Boman and Gary Strickland

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