Midge, headworms, sugarcane aphids

Dr. Tracy Beedy, Area Research and Extension Specialist

Dr. Tom Royer, Extension Entomology Specialist

In August, grain sorghum is sometimes attacked by multiple pests, often sugarcane aphids with headworms, and midge. Recommendations for individual control of these pests in Oklahoma are found in CR-7170, Management of Insect and Mite Pests in SorghumDiscussion on sampling and management of combinations of the these pests can be found at entoplp link below for the Pest E-Alert for August 16, 2016.

Sorghum headworm

Sorghum headworm

These combinations have been difficult to manage, as pyretheroids often used for control of headworms and midge can flare sugarcane aphid populations. Blackhawk received a Special 2(ee) recommendation in late 2015 for controlling sorghum midge, armyworms, and corn earworm (headworm) in sorghum (see greenbook below).

Prevathon, Belt, and Blackhawk have been recommended for the headworm/sugarcane aphid combination as they have less effect on beneficial insects. See The Sugarcane Aphid: Management Guidelines for Grain and Forage Sorghum in Texas, Table 4 (see TAMU below).

Note that the EPA has revoked the registration of Belt (see KSU below). However, retailers can sell existing stocks of Belt and it can be used according to label directions.

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http://lubbock.tamu.edu/files/2016/05/ENTO-035_Sugarcane_Aphid-Management_2016.pdf  https://webapp.agron.ksu.edu/agr_social/eu_article.throck?article_id=1053.


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